Mauricio Pochettino Tells Tottenham Fans To Shut Up And Let Him Coach – Well Almost

Tottenham Manager, Mauricio Pochettino Tells Tottenham Fans To Shut Up And Let Him Coach - Well Almost

Mauricio Pochettino has received lots of criticism from both fans and the media in the past couple of months. The lack of consistency in winning big matches, along with the failure to bring a single new player during the Summer has led even the most passionate Tottenham fans to question the manager’s tactical decisions.


But after Tottenham’s impressive win over Arsenal in the Carabao Cup, Pochettino took the opportunity to swing back at his critics, basically telling them to be patient and that things are a lot more complicated than they appear.


“In this football club, if some bad results arrive the situation is going to turn again,” Pochettino said. “All the positives today will be reversed and become negatives, because we’re still not solid in our ideas. We believe but don’t really believe. We’re happy but not so happy. I think there’s still massive work to do.


“I’m not talking about inside of the club, I talk about the perception outside, the people outside. We’re so fragile. We’re still not solid enough as a club to support some good and some bad [periods] because the perception of the people can affect the club.


“I think we’re changing a lot and we’re going to change, if we have time to do that. But our self-belief is still so fragile.”


“We’re doing fantastically but if we don’t sign in January people say we’re going to struggle. It’s all negative, rather than saying, ‘If Tottenham don’t sign anyone it’s because they believe that they’re going to, or that they have the tools to, perform well and maybe challenge for the title.”


“The doubt is always negative, never positive. Maybe that’s because of the history, because of what happened in the past. We need to fight with this perception. Of course, we need to read the media, listen to the fans, but in the end, we need to feel free to take the decisions.”

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