Pep Guardiola Has Revealed Whose Side He’s On In Relation To Mourinho’s Sacking

Pep Guardiola Has Revealed Whose Side He’s On In Relation To Mourinho’s Sacking

After Jose Mourinho was released by Manchester United earlier this week, it caught everyone by surprise. And immediately after the sacking, some of the managers of the biggest clubs in the Premier League jumped to Mourinho’s defense.


Manchester City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, was one of those who came to Morinho’s defense. Speaking to reporters, Guardiola says he supports Mourinho – despite the fact that United are City’s biggest rivals.


“I am on his side,” Guardiola told a news conference. “As managers, we are alone. They [clubs] contact us to try to win and when you don’t win I know what happens.


“I always say I am in the position of the manager and I know exactly what they can feel and always I am there because we feel alone. All the pressure is on our shoulders.


“But he has a lot of experience, he is a top man and he will come back soon and we are going to play again.”


While Manchester United have been struggling the past couple of years, Manchester City have been doing the complete opposite: succeeding. Last year, they won the Premier League with the largest ever number of points in the league’s history, and while they still have a very very long way to go to ever come close to matching United’s record in the Premier League and UEFA, seeing United in total disarray will certainly bring joy to City fans.


While United have begun their search for Mourinho’s replacement, City have few problems as they marched into the Carabao Cup semifinals with a penalty shootout victory over Leicester City. With a busy fixture schedule, Guardiola gave many of his young players an opportunity and 20-year-old Aro Muric was the hero, saving two penalties as City squeezed through after the game finished 1-1 after 90 minutes.

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