Chelsea Manager, Maurizio Sarri: Players Need Psychologist To Help Them Win Games

Chelsea Manager, Maurizio Sarri: Players Need Psychologist To Help Them Win Games

Chelsea is 11 points behind league leaders, Liverpool, and  manager Maurizio Sarri believes that the team’s lack of form in recent games is psychological, not physical or tactical.


Their latest loss was handed by Leicester City, and after the match Sarri spoke to reporters about why they lost, saying the players didn’t have the psychological stamina to react positively to Jamie Vardy’s game-winning goal.


And when asked if using a sports psychologist to help the players Sarri replied: “No, Not at the moment, because it’s not easy.”


“I had a sports psychologist 15 years ago. In Italy it was really very difficult because the clubs were not ready in that moment, but I think they are not ready also in this moment. [That was] my experience in Italy.”


“I don’t know [what it’s like] here. We can talk about this [with the club]. Why not?

“It’s clear we didn’t lose for the way of playing. We were a bit unlucky and then we lost because the reaction after the goal was in the wrong direction, I think.


“We had only to continue [playing the same way]. We were in full control of the match. We were dangerous without conceding anything to the opponents, so we had only to continue.”


“I don’t think so because we haven’t players with large number of minutes,” he insisted. “We have players with large number of minutes in the Premier League, but not in the season, so I don’t think so.”


“The physical performance in the match against Bournemouth was one of the best this season for quantity, one of the best in quality, for number of accelerations, for high-speed [sprints].”


“I think it’s impossible to change the physical condition in two minutes. We were on the pitch very well for 55 minutes and then after two minutes, after the goal, we were in trouble. I think there is another reason, not the physical condition.”


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