Diego Simeone: “Barcelona Elimination Not Surprising”

Barcelona were surprisingly kicked out of the Champions League quarter-finals this week by  Italian side A.S. Roma and Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone believes that their Elimination comes at no surprise because football is unpredictable.


Barcelona defeated A.S. Roma 4-1 at Camp Nou in the first leg of the and everyone expected them to easily sail through to the semi-finals. But in the second leg, A.S. Roma fought tough and got three goals while preventing Barcelona from scoring a single goal. And based on the away goal difference, Roma went through.

Football analysts have had different opinions on what exactly happened that caused Barcelona to be unexpectedly kicked out of the Champions League to a Roma side that wise considered the least time to likely qualify. Some believe it was because Lionel Messi had a bad night, while others content that the mindset of the entire Barcelona squad was wrong with regards to how they approached the game because they were already up 4-1.

But to Diego Simeone, the answer is very simple. Football is unpredictable. Speaking to reporters about Barcelona’s loss, the Atletico Madrid manager said that “Who is in the world of football know that Roma’s comeback is no surprise. You anything can always happen in football. The game is about managing positive and negative moments.”


“Details can make the difference especially if you work for a big club. Draws can always be complicated and any situation can change on the pitch. You must be prepared at all times because a surprise can be just around the corner. You have to be ready to react or you won’t have any time to react at all.”

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