Atletico Madrid Manager, Diego Simeone: Madrid Is Better Than Barca

If you ask most people today which team is the best in Spain, nine out of ten will probably tell you that Barcelona is the best. But according to Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone, Real Madrid is by far the better team.

diego simeone and zinedina zidane

Diego Simeone and Zinedina Zidane

Speaking to reporters at a press conference, the Argentine said Real Madrid have been able to put together the best starting XI, which puts them ahead of every time in the world.


“I may be too enthusiastic or a dreamer, but everyone lives their lives as they want, and the only thing that’s crossed my mind and that interests me is to stay on the trail of Barcelona,” Simeone said.

“I’m not thinking about anything else. The Derbi? It touched me when I was playing for first place, eighth, ninth…”

“These derbies are always exciting because they’re played with tension and you experience them in the same way as the fans. I can’t imagine it any other way.”


“We can’t use tiredness as an excuse [for losing] and less so as it’s a derby. Our game will be based on hard work and the collective so we can have a great match.”

“Madrid absolutely have the best XI in the world, if not the best squad. They’ve done great work as a club and they’ve put together a tremendous team, one that’s better than PSG, City and Barcelona, and that’s the strength they have.”

“Griezmann and Ronaldo? The two are completely decisive for each team. We see it in their goals and performances. It’s not very difficult to see.”

“Ronaldo’s decisive for Madrid and Griezmann is certainly decisive for us thanks to his game and goals. His numbers alone speak for themselves.”

“Lack of numbers? I don’t want 25 who don’t want to be [involved], I want 17 who want to be.”


“Suspensions at Sporting? I have nothing to say on that. The club have to resolve things internally, while we’re only observers from the outside and no more than that.”

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