Juventus Goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon, Has Revealed His Opinion About Cristiano Ronaldo: “He Is An Assassin”

On April 3rd, Juventus will face Real Madrid for the first leg of the Quarter-finals of the Champions League. And Juventus goalkeeper, Gigi Buffon, took the opportunity to express his admiration of Cristiano Ronaldo, and how difficult it will be for him to stop Ronaldo from scoring.

buffon and ronaldo


Speaking to reporters, Buffon describes Ronaldo as an assassin and says that everything he does is 100%

“Over time he has learned how to improve himself as an athlete,” Buffon said.

“As a player, he spends less energy with respect to what he did previously.


“I admire him a lot because he is a pragmatic person, lucid in everything he does and what he says.

“I think that in recent years he has shown that he is very intelligent, because he has changed his way of playing.”

“He is also lethal, everything he does is at 100 percent and in front of the goal he is an assassin.”

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