“Can We Please Sell Him?” – Chelsea Fans Plead With Club To Sell 30-Year Old Star After Tottenham Defeat

Chelsea fans were angry with Cesc Fabregas after Sunday’s defeat to Tottenham and requested that the midfielder be sold.

Sunday’s loss to Tottenham might have put the nail on the coffin for Chelsea’s season. The Blues took an early lead and looked convincing at the start, but as they did all season long, a couple of careless defensive errors led to two Tottenham goals and by the time you knew it, Tottenham was in control and added one last goal to seal the win.


There were a couple of people to blame for the defeat, but one of the players that fans went after on social media was Cesc Fabregas. The criticism against Fabregas was that his age might have caught up to him because he was too slow compared to physical and fast Tottenham players.

Check out some of the tweets below.


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