MAJOR STORY: Zidane Hits Back After Isco’s Criticism Of Him

Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, has responded to criticism from one of his players, Isco, after the Spanish international said he doesn’t have confidence playing at Real Madrid.

zidane and isco


Last week, Spain humiliated Argentina 6 – 1 during an international friendly and the star of the show was Isco. The Spaniard scored three goals and was dubbed Man of the Match.

During that game, Isco looks like the superstar everyone expected him to be. In simple terms, he was spectacular. Which made a lot of people asked why he doesn’t play that well for Real Madrid. And Isco responded by saying it’s because he has the confidence of the coach while playing for the national team, but he doesn’t while playing for Real Madrid. In order words, the reason why he hasn’t performed just as good for Real Madrid is because of the coach.

A few days after the game, Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane, took the opportunity to respond to Isco’s comment, saying that he’s always told Isco that he’s an important player.


“I’m not unfair on him. And he’s happy (at Real Madrid),” Zidane said.

“Maybe he hasn’t been enjoying as central a role here (as he has with Spain), but I’ve always made it clear to him that he’s important.”

“People are free to interpret his words as they wish, but I’m not unhappy with him. I saw it (his hat-trick vs Argentina) and I was very happy about it.”

“He’s a Real Madrid player and he’s going to stay here. He’s a player I like.”

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