SHOCKING: Arsenal Assistant Manager Says Jack Wilshere Will Always Have Injury

Arsenal Assistant Manager, Steve Bould, has revealed that Jack Wilshere will always have minor injuries because of the way he is “structured.”

steve bould and jack wilshere

Steve Bould and Jack Wilshere during a training session.

When he’s healthy, Jack Wilshere is one of the best players in the Premier League. Unfortunately, the England international has never been able to reach his full potential due to constant injuries. Nonetheless, Arsenal fans have always had faith that midfielder that he will one day hit his stride, so hearing Arsenal’s Assistant Manager, and one of the few people that work with Wilshere on a daily basis, claim that his injuries will continue is a very disappointing news to Arsenal fans.


“I think perhaps he (Wilshere) will always have a little niggle here and there because of the way he is structured. That’s his make-up now,” said Bould.

“He’s a great player. A fit Jack Wilshere is a very good player. I think we are all hopeful longer term he has overcome those issues.”

Bould went on to say that Wilshere has been training normally for several months and that he isn’t surprised by his recent success on the pitch.


“I wouldn’t say surprised, no. He’s always had that. I wouldn’t say surprised. I’m really pleased for him because he’s worked tremendously hard and it’s been tough for him mentally.”

“But it looks like he’s rode through it and he’s come out a stronger person and player for it.”

“All players have niggles. I had them all my career. I wasn’t very fit very often. It’s part of the game. There are no issues.”

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